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Pomplamoose is an American indie music and indie jazz duo consisting of multi-instrumentalists Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. The band was formed in the summer of 2008. One of the band’s most noted songs is a cover of Mr. Sandman, by The Chordettes.

The Chordettes were a female popular singing quartet, usually singing a cappella, and specializing in traditional popular music. The Chordettes were one of the longest lived vocal groups with beginnings in the mainstream pop and vocal harmonies of the 1940s and early 1950s.

Although the arrangements owed more to The Andrews Sisters than doo-wop, they did, unlike many of their peers, prove fairly adaptable to the rock and roll era. First establishing themselves with the huge hit record, “Mr. Sandman” in 1954, they continued to chart in the last half of the 1950s and the early 1960s, often with cover versions of rock and R&B songs.

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Sonic Youth is an American rock band from New York City, formed in 1981.

In their early career, Sonic Youth was associated with the “no wave art and music scene” in New York City. Part of the first wave of American noise rock groups, the band carried out their interpretation of the hardcore punk ethos throughout the evolving American underground that focused more on the DIY ethic of the genre rather than its specific sound.

Sonic Youth served as a pivotal band in the rise of the alternative rock and indie rock movements.

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The Cramps were an American voodoo blues band, formed in 1976 and active until 2009. The band split after suffering the death of lead singer Lux Interior. Their line-up rotated much over their existence, with the husband and wife duo of Interior and lead guitarist Poison Ivy the only permanent members. Guitarist Bryan Gregory and drummer Pam Ballam rounded out the first complete lineup in April 1976.

They were part of the early CBGB punk rock movement that had emerged in New York. The Cramps are noted as influencing a number of musical styles: not only are they one of the first garage punk bands but also by being the first known band to blend punk rock with rockabilly, The Cramps are widely recognized as one of the prime innovators of psychobilly, and they inspired many of the early goth rock bands.

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The Hives are a Swedish rock band that first garnered attention in the early 2000s as a prominent group of the garage rock revival, playing garage punk. Their mainstream success came with the release of the “greatest hits” album Your New Favourite Band. The Hives are known for performing in ever-changing black and white suits.

The band claims it was formed in 1993 (although formed in 1989 under a different name & sound) under the guidance of Randy Fitzsimmons. Fitzsimmons suggested that they form a garage rock band. Fitzsimmons allegedly acts as a songwriter and Svengali for the band. The band recorded a demo titled Sounds Like Sushi in 1994. The following year they were signed to Bleeding Heart Records, a Swedish skate punk record label.

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The Maggots started out in ‘98 after a drunken night - by members Måns P. Månsson and Jens Lindberg.

The Maggots are slowly but surely becoming a garage punk institution in Sweden, and are working hard to invade Europe and the rest of the world with their tuff big beat garage rock’n’roll with roots firmly planted in the soil of 60’s garage and 50’s.

SCOTS—-Southern Culture On The Skids

SCOTS—-Southern Culture On The Skids

Southern Culture On The Skids—-CAMEL WALK

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Led energetically by the throat of front man Todd Owens, The Bottle Babies is founded on rock ‘n’ roll tradition, built by energy and driven by the passion to perform. The unique blend of the band’s influences fills a gut and balls niche that’s indigenous and worthy of representing their garage-punk musical roots.

Formed in 1998, in Norfolk, VA., the band manages to capture an aggressive display of melody and unleash the power of their musicianship and unique style on stage as well as on wax.


**on a personal note, I played guitar on this track.

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Fear was formed in 1977 by vocalist/guitarist Lee Ving and bassist Derf Scratch while living in Los Angeles, California. They recruited guitarist Burt Good, and drummer Johnny Backbeat to fill out the original lineup. In 1977, Fear released the single “I Love Living in the City”. Shortly after this Good and Backbeat left the band and were replaced by Philo Cramer and Spit Stix.

Credited for helping to shape the sound and style of American hardcore punk, the band started out as part of the early California punk rock scene, and gained national prominence after an infamous 1981 performance on Saturday Night Live.

The band’s SNL appearance included a group of moshers, among them John Belushi, Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat,Tesco Vee of The Meatmen, Harley Flanagan and John Joseph of The Cro-mags, and John Brannon of Negative Approach. The shows director originally wanted to prevent the dancers from participating, so Belushi offered to be in the episode if the dancers were allowed to stay. The end result was the shortening of Fear’s appearance on TV. They started their second performance by saying, “It’s great to be in New Jersey,” drawing boos from SNL’s New York live audience. Fear played “Beef Bologna,” “New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones,” and started to play “Let’s Have a War” when the audio and video of the telecast faded into commercial. During the performance the slamdancers left ripe pumpkin remains on the set and stage speakers.

Shortly after the 1981 Halloween SNL appearance, which resulted in $20,000 in damages, a New York Post article later reported the figure to be $500,000. This is believed to have originated from a phone call from the New York Post to Ving, in which Ving responded to the claim of causing $20,000 worth of damage by saying “Hold it, hold it! No way, pal. That’s a bald-faced lie! We caused $500,000 worth of damage, a cool half a million dollars worth of damage, ‘cause we’re professionals, and I counted the damage myself!”

Although Lee Ving is the only original remaining member, others were recruited and Fear still performs today.

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The Runaways were an American all-girl teenage rock band that recorded and performed in the second half of the 1970s.

The band released two studio albums carrying their best known songs “Cherry Bomb”, “Queens of Noise”, “Neon Angels (On the Road to Ruin)”, “Born to Be Bad” and the cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Rock n Roll”. The Runaways were later a sensation in Japan where “Cherry Bomb” was a hit single.

The Runaways were formed in late 1975 by drummer Sandy West and rhythm guitarist Joan Jett after they had both introduced themselves to producer Kim Fowley, who gave Jett’s phone number to West. The two met on their own at West’s home and later called Fowley to let him hear the outcome. Fowley then helped the girls find other members.

The Runaways began the party and club circuit around Los Angeles. They soon added lead guitarist Lita Ford who had originally auditioned for the bass spot. Local bassist Peggy Foster took over on bass but left after a month. Lead singer Cherie Currie was found and recruited in a local teen nightclub called the Sugar Shack, followed by Jackie Fox (who had originally auditioned for the lead guitar spot) on bass.

Suzi Quatro. She rocked my world.

Suzi Quatro. She rocked my world.

Suzi Quatro’s first band, THE PLEASURE SEEKERS doing, “What a Way to Die”

Here’s a video of a 5 year old little girl and her brothers covering a Ramones song (Blitzkreig Bop!) SUCK IT JUSTIN BEIBER & JONAS BROTHERS!

My first concert ever was The Plasmatics featuring the one and only and lovely, Wendy O. Williams.

Oh Wendy, how I miss your wild, sexy, crazy, rockin’ ways. :(

My first concert ever was The Plasmatics featuring the one and only and lovely, Wendy O. Williams.

Oh Wendy, how I miss your wild, sexy, crazy, rockin’ ways. :(

Help My Wife Name Her All Girl Band…

So my wife, Collette has help start an all girl band. Collette’s playing drums. The band is looking for a name.

They’re style is basic rock (Joan Jett, AC/ DC) with a punk edge (The Ramones, The New York Dolls) and they need a band name.

Whatcha got?