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Woo-Hoo! My wife just won me a shirt on Ebay. What’s that you say? So what? Big deal? Well, this happens to be a vintage snap-button shirt, complete with stitched-mandolins on it. Does your shirt have stitched mandolins?



Didn’t think so.

Waiting for 1980’s skinny piano tie to come back in fashion. Maybe waiting a while.

Waiting for 1980’s skinny piano tie to come back in fashion. Maybe waiting a while.

Try as they might, today’s models can’t hold a candle to the one and only Bettie Page.

The Violators from 1957, ‘nuff said.

A virgin among the living dead.

Peek-a-Boo Poster


The sin-steeped story of the “beat” generation!

Two sisters live in a dysfunctional family in a California town. The elder, “nice” Kim, was sexually abused and hates men. Rebellious teen Jill is fed-up generally and runs away, finding her niche as a B-girl and sex-kitten working her way to Vegas. Kim leaves her job and goes in search of Jill, meeting her own misadventures en route; but by this time Jill’s wanted for robbery. Will she live fast and die young?

So now that you’ve bought that brand new 60-inch 3D capable 1-inch thick LED/LCD television for your living room, what’s next? Looks like the guys at LG are going back to the future with their latest TV.

The retro-styled LG Serie 1 television doesn’t just look like an old set, it actually uses good old CRT technology. No schmancy flat screens here, just a old-fashioned 4:3 aspect ratio cathode ray tube for you to watch your reruns of I Love Lucy on.

The set features a 14-inch diagonal screen, complete with rabbit-ear antennae and chrome legs. It even has old-school knobs for changing channels and adjusting volume. However, this set has a modern digital tuner, composite video for your retro video game console, and a wireless remote so it’s not completely antique tech.

For extra fun, you can flip the television between full color, black & white and sepia tone modes:

The sets are available in the orange color shown above (model 14SR1EB) and a dark brown (model 14SR1DB). At this point the LG Serie 1 Retro Classic TV is currently only available in Korea, where it currently retails for appx. $216.00 USD.


This Halloween stop-animation film came out in 1967. With all of today’s technology, Hollywood still can’t come close to the magic of films like this.

Cool WW2 Plane nose art skirt.

Cool WW2 Plane nose art skirt.

I know that there were part of mine. Man, Tumblr makes me feel old sometimes.