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A few concert posters that I’ve designed for various gigs / bands.

Unique patterns / designs for your blog & website that are fully 100% customizable and free.

Asking help for a CD cover design. The CD is for my band, The Muckrakes. The name of the CD is “Grandiphonia”.

Music style is a mixture of lo-fi Americana rock meeting a stack of leftovers in old margarine tubs, wobbling on the wire shelves of a ColdPoint fridge, tilting forward on the cigarette-burned kitchen linoleum of a 1978 single-wide, propped up on chocks cut from a telephone pole in the Goldrun Village RV park.

We like to stand tall and enjoy stomping strongly through weedy stagnant undergrowth with deftly articulated songs, lyrical stories wrought from heady memories, and music-craft from the backwaters of The Old Dominion.

Anyway, we can’t offer much. But we can offer credit art to the CD on both our website and cover inner sleeve as well as a slew of band merchandise and tickets to every show as well as link and promo from all of our networking sites.

Ya interested?

We can be seen and heard:




And found on facebook


C’mon artist…help a band in need and get noticed. Let’s see what ya’ll got.

Deadline: Oct 15th, 2010

So now that you’ve bought that brand new 60-inch 3D capable 1-inch thick LED/LCD television for your living room, what’s next? Looks like the guys at LG are going back to the future with their latest TV.

The retro-styled LG Serie 1 television doesn’t just look like an old set, it actually uses good old CRT technology. No schmancy flat screens here, just a old-fashioned 4:3 aspect ratio cathode ray tube for you to watch your reruns of I Love Lucy on.

The set features a 14-inch diagonal screen, complete with rabbit-ear antennae and chrome legs. It even has old-school knobs for changing channels and adjusting volume. However, this set has a modern digital tuner, composite video for your retro video game console, and a wireless remote so it’s not completely antique tech.

For extra fun, you can flip the television between full color, black & white and sepia tone modes:

The sets are available in the orange color shown above (model 14SR1EB) and a dark brown (model 14SR1DB). At this point the LG Serie 1 Retro Classic TV is currently only available in Korea, where it currently retails for appx. $216.00 USD.


I’ve always wanted to create my own instrument, you know; build my own guitar, design my own bass, re-build a piano to my specs but I lacked the time, tools and talent for woodworking so I put the idea in the back of my mind in the “one of these days…” department of my brain.

I came across an interesting link a few months ago, on how to build your own cigar box guitar. The website is here: http://cigarboxguitars.com/workshops/How_To_Build_A_CBG.php.

I decided to take my cigar box guitar a level higher. I thought to myself why not a cigar box resonator? (i.e. also known as a dobro) and went out and for a few bucks bought a few things:

1.) cigar box $4.00 (I actually bought 5 of them at $4.00 each but I’m only adding up the cost for THIS resonator)

2.) Stick of Poplar wood 3 feet by 2” X 1.5”. Cost= $2.16

3.) 3 Gibson guitar tuning heads: $15.00

4.) 3 metal plates $5.23

Total cost: $26.39 (under $30.00) Total project time: About 4 hours (not including 24 hour dry time)

Below are the steps that I took in creating the cigar box resonator, some of the pictures didn’t come out very good, but you get the idea of what went into building it:

Get a box for the body and a stick for the neck

Sand down the neck, drill 3 holes for the guitar headstock tuners

Cut a hole in the box for the neck to be placed in.

Place the neck in the body.

Use clamps to grip down, I used some Gorilla glue to seat the neck to the body and let it dry overnight.

Make sure to let it dry overnight to seat the neck in the body

Since this is a RESONATOR, I decided to cut three holes in my cigar box for the resonator plates. The holes aren’t pretty, but that’s okay, because they’ll be covered up by the plates. I also sanded down the cigar box.

I whittled the neck down and re-sanded it so the tuners would fit snugly.

I stained the whole project

I created a bridge and nut out of scrap wood, sanded and stained it.

I put the tuners on, the bridge and nut in place and….

then I put the resonators in and strung it up…..

….Finished!!!! Project complete!

I’m sure that I MIGHT be playing this out every once in a while once I get the structure and progressions and tunings right, it might take me a lil’ while, so don’t expect to see me out slinging this thing at every show until I get it down pat.

Okay, now the BIG question is….how does it sound? Well to find out, I created a sample that you can listen to by clicking below. BUT be forewarned, before clicking on the track…..REMEMBER that this is a very basic THREE (3) STRINGED homemade instrument and my first one at that and that I still don’t really know how to play it and need to fiddle around with it before I learn all the tunings and keys. In other words, listen to it with a very open mind. It’s a very rough test run and recording of my first cigar box resonator.




GRRRRRRRR! by Roy Lichtenstein

GRRRRRRRR! by Roy Lichtenstein


Remember that hideous 70’s paneling in your parents / grandparents downstairs basement or rec room? Well, it’s been reclaimed, recycled and updated to Millennium standards by B&N Industries.

Reclaimed and recycled wood veneer. This initial collection includes three species: Western Redwood (revitalized from olive barrel staves), Douglas Fir (recycled from old gym (bleachers), and Asian Teak (procured from beautiful, yet blighted structures throughout Southeast Asia).

Beyond the unparalleled patina of the aged wood and the hard, straight grains, reclaimed timber helps us re-use and recycle materials that would otherwise become landfill.

The reclaimed timber veneer and panel substrate are both FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. The panels are provided unfinished. These choices can help projects earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points.


This Halloween stop-animation film came out in 1967. With all of today’s technology, Hollywood still can’t come close to the magic of films like this.

Cool WW2 Plane nose art skirt.

Cool WW2 Plane nose art skirt.

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I designed this 3D rendering of Tinkerbell in a tree just hanging out. I’m fooling around with some new 3D models and scenes. Maybe, I’ll animate this.