Asking help for a CD cover design. The CD is for my band, The Muckrakes. The name of the CD is “Grandiphonia”.

Music style is a mixture of lo-fi Americana rock meeting a stack of leftovers in old margarine tubs, wobbling on the wire shelves of a ColdPoint fridge, tilting forward on the cigarette-burned kitchen linoleum of a 1978 single-wide, propped up on chocks cut from a telephone pole in the Goldrun Village RV park.

We like to stand tall and enjoy stomping strongly through weedy stagnant undergrowth with deftly articulated songs, lyrical stories wrought from heady memories, and music-craft from the backwaters of The Old Dominion.

Anyway, we can’t offer much. But we can offer credit art to the CD on both our website and cover inner sleeve as well as a slew of band merchandise and tickets to every show as well as link and promo from all of our networking sites.

Ya interested?

We can be seen and heard:

And found on facebook

C’mon artist…help a band in need and get noticed. Let’s see what ya’ll got.

Deadline: Oct 15th, 2010