15 Albums / Musical Artist That Changed My Life

I decided to list the 15 musical artist and the albums they produced that had a profound effect on me and inspired my musical psyche. These are the albums that brought me to life when I heard them, they royally affected me, kicked me in the wazoo and literally socked me in the gut. I listed them in no particular order. What are the albums that affected you?

1.) Thelonious Monster——Baby, You’re Bummin’ My Life Out In A Supreme Fashion

2.) 17 Pygmies——Jedda by The Sea

3.) The Violent Femmes——Hallowed Ground

4.) Red Hot Chili Peppers——Freaky Styley

5.) U2 / (the ‘trilogy’ of Boy, October & War)

6.) The Cult——Electric

7.) Men at Work——Business as Usual

8.) The Sex Pistols——Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex-Pistols

9.) The Ramones——The Ramones

10.) Johnny Cash—-Live at Folsom Prison

11.) The Repo Man Soundtrack

12.) G.B.H.——City Baby Attacked By Rats

13.) Larry Norman—— Only Visiting This Planet / In Another Land (Two’fer)

14.) Hank Williams——Greatest Hits

15.) Bob Marley & The Wailers——Legend

Here are five (5) photos taken by Atlanta Daniel (aka isobel78). I’m planning to use one of these photos as the CD cover to The Muckrakes upcoming CD, “Grandiphonia”.

At first review of these pictures, I really didn’t care for them and thought about using another photographer or maybe a graphic design of some sort. But after listening to the CD (in production) along with looking at the photos, I think they fit the CD’s mood which is surprisingly dark, sparse, simple, mellow and even haunted at times.

Check out Atlanta’s Music Blog: http://tunes.atlantadaniel.com/

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Kingdom of Fear by The Muckrakes.


Asking help for a CD cover design. The CD is for my band, The Muckrakes. The name of the CD is “Grandiphonia”.

Music style is a mixture of lo-fi Americana rock meeting a stack of leftovers in old margarine tubs, wobbling on the wire shelves of a ColdPoint fridge, tilting forward on the cigarette-burned kitchen linoleum of a 1978 single-wide, propped up on chocks cut from a telephone pole in the Goldrun Village RV park.

We like to stand tall and enjoy stomping strongly through weedy stagnant undergrowth with deftly articulated songs, lyrical stories wrought from heady memories, and music-craft from the backwaters of The Old Dominion.

Anyway, we can’t offer much. But we can offer credit art to the CD on both our website and cover inner sleeve as well as a slew of band merchandise and tickets to every show as well as link and promo from all of our networking sites.

Ya interested?

We can be seen and heard:




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C’mon artist…help a band in need and get noticed. Let’s see what ya’ll got.

Deadline: Oct 15th, 2010


We managed to procure the mixing and mastering talent of Brent Lambert at Kitchen Mastering, right outside of Raleigh, NC for our upcoming CD, Grandiphonia.

The Kitchen is regarded as one the premier audio mastering facilities in the southeast. It’s reputation has been built through years of experience working with the musicians, producers and engineers who have trusted the studio to bring their recording projects to the next level. The Kitchen has been nominated several times for the Grammy as well.

Some of the groups and recordings that it has worked with and mastered are: Alejandro Escovedo, Ani DeFranco, Athenaeum, Avett Brothers, Camper Van Beethoven, Carbon Leaf, Chatham County Line, The Connells, Cowboy Mouth, Cracker, Hackensaw Boys, Le Tigre, Leftover Salmon, The Meat Puppets, Mitch Easter, Roman Candle and Superchunk…now they can add The Muckrakes to its list of clientele.

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I wrote this song long before I started playing with The Muckrakes. It’s going to appear on our upcoming CD, Grandiphonia.

Pigeonholing South-East VA, fitting The Muckrakes into any one genre is a difficult task because they meld so many vibrant instruments into a heady mash uniquely all their own.

Their music can shift to sometimes quiet and reflective, sometimes foot stomping and rambunctious, sometimes pure and innocent, and sometimes dark and moody. This is a rock band with bluegrass guts, ragtime legs, folk sensibilities and a dash of the blues for good measure.

Together, the group has found the right combination of sweet and sinister, of power and weakness, of new and old and is here to help make the celebration of life a little more rowdy.

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The Maggots started out in ‘98 after a drunken night - by members Måns P. Månsson and Jens Lindberg.

The Maggots are slowly but surely becoming a garage punk institution in Sweden, and are working hard to invade Europe and the rest of the world with their tuff big beat garage rock’n’roll with roots firmly planted in the soil of 60’s garage and 50’s.


Let’s go for a trip….


Let’s go for a trip….

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Led energetically by the throat of front man Todd Owens, The Bottle Babies is founded on rock ‘n’ roll tradition, built by energy and driven by the passion to perform. The unique blend of the band’s influences fills a gut and balls niche that’s indigenous and worthy of representing their garage-punk musical roots.

Formed in 1998, in Norfolk, VA., the band manages to capture an aggressive display of melody and unleash the power of their musicianship and unique style on stage as well as on wax.


**on a personal note, I played guitar on this track.

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Guadalcanal Diary is an alternative jangle pop group from Marietta, Georgia. The band formed in 1981 (originally as “Emergency Broadcast System”) and disbanded in 1989. They reformed in 1997 and toured without a new album. The band originated in Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta, but they were often billed as being “from Athens, Georgia” in the early 1980s.

The group’s music was characterized by clear, bright guitar sounds, upbeat rhythms, and Murray Attaway’s clear, high tenor. Lyrically, the band mixed absurd, punk humor (“I Wish I Killed John Wayne,” “I See Moe,” “Watusi Rodeo,” “Cattle Prod”) with melancholy and spiritual themes (“Lewa Wechi,” “Always Saturday,” “3:00 AM,” “Litany”).

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