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Things That I Hated in the 80’s

1.) Day Glo Clothing

2.) Big Hair

3.) Hair Metal bands

4.) Most “pop” music

5.) Rubik’s Cube

6.) Little Wonder and Silver Spoons (TV Shows) props if you remember Little Wonder

7.) The phrase “Where’s the beef?”

8.) Spandex

9.) Lame Cartoons

10.) The Noid

11.) Charm bracelets with tons of clunky charms

12.) Break Dancing

13.) Rap

14.) One word: Izod

15.) The whole “wanna be” Madonna, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, etc. crowd

Things That I Loved in the 80’s

1.) Punk Rock & New Wave

2.) Ripped Jeans

3.) Devo type sun-glasses

4.) Cool TV shows (A-Team, Night Flight, Early MTV, That’s Incredible, Pee Wee’s Playhouse —props if you remember Night Flight)

5.) Garbage Pail Kids

6.) Converse Tennis Shoes ( I had a camouflaged pair)

7.) Ronald Reagan

8.) Slasher movies ruled!!

9.) Asymmetrical haircuts

10.) The microwave oven

11.) The Brat-Pack Movies

12.) Skinny ties

13.) The Yugo (wish I still had mine, even though it was an embarrassing piece of crap)

14.) Cable TV

15.) Video Arcade: (i.e.SPACEPORT in Pembroke Mall)

Waiting for 1980’s skinny piano tie to come back in fashion. Maybe waiting a while.

Waiting for 1980’s skinny piano tie to come back in fashion. Maybe waiting a while.

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Red Rockers,
Good as Gold


Red Rockers were largely and unjustly ignored by radio and left undiscovered by the general public. They had a minor hit with “China" in 1983.

The song’s music video, which was popular on early MTV during its run, was shot in New Orleans (the band’s hometown) doubling as a Shanghai-esque Chinese city.

China" was included on Rhino Records’ new wave compilation album series, Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80’s.


The live shows of the Surf Punks, in the heyday of the punk explosion in L.A., were wild and abandoned. High points of the show were “I Can’t Get a Tan” and “Big Top” and “My Beach”.

The lyrics of the band centered primarily on the in-group/out-group experiences of “locals” (surfers living on the beach in Malibu) and “valleys” (commuters from the San Fernando Valley to the private and public beaches of the exclusive Malibu Beach community). Never truly “punk” in the traditional sense of the word, the Surf Punks were sort of a “Beach Boys” of the punk world, offering an intelligent take on the “turf wars” over the southern California beaches and its waves.

The term “surf punk” was a generational adaptation of the term “surf Nazi” which was in wide use in the early days of the sport in the 60s and 70s, and also used tongue-in-cheek to describe people who were fanatically dedicated to their sport.

Missing Dog Head Poster

Missing Dog Head Poster

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The Police,
Outlandos d'Amour


The Police was an English rock band from London, formed in 1977. The band consisted of Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland. The Police became globally popular in the late 1970s and are generally regarded as one of the first New Wave groups to achieve mainstream success, playing a style of rock that was influenced by jazz, punk and reggae music.

The Police have sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, and became the world’s highest-earning musicians in 2008, thanks to their reunion tour. Rolling Stone ranked The Police number 70 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: This is my favorite Police song of all time.

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Sonic Youth,


Sonic Youth is an American rock band from New York City, formed in 1981.

In their early career, Sonic Youth was associated with the “no wave art and music scene” in New York City. Part of the first wave of American noise rock groups, the band carried out their interpretation of the hardcore punk ethos throughout the evolving American underground that focused more on the DIY ethic of the genre rather than its specific sound.

Sonic Youth served as a pivotal band in the rise of the alternative rock and indie rock movements.

I know that there were part of mine. Man, Tumblr makes me feel old sometimes.

The Legend of Billie Jean

The Legend of Billie Jean

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The Gun Club,
Sex Beat


The Gun Club was an American punk blues band from Los Angeles, California that existed from 1980 to 1996. Led by flamboyant singer and guitarist Jeffrey Lee Pierce, The Gun Club merged the contemporary genre of punk rock with the more traditional genres of blues, rock-a-billy and country music.

Along with X, The Flesh Eaters and The Blasters, they helped set the tone of the Hollywood rock scene of the 1980s and are cited as a “tribal psychobilly blues” band.

Being among the first bands to combine punk and blues, The Gun Club has had a lasting influence on many artists. They were probably the most important influence on what is now known as “alt-country”.

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Peter Schilling,
Major Tom


Peter Schilling is a German synthpop musician whose songs often feature science-fiction themes (aliens, astronauts, nuclear holocausts, etc.).

His 1983 album, Error in the System, generated his only international hit single, “Major Tom (Coming Home)”, a retelling of David Bowie’s classic 1969 song “Space Oddity”. Although the song was originally recorded in German, the international hit version was sung in English.

The band, Shiny Toy Guns, did a cover of “Major Tom” in early 2009. The cover was well-received and later appeared in a Lincoln car commercial.

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Guadalcanal Diary,


Guadalcanal Diary is an alternative jangle pop group from Marietta, Georgia. The band formed in 1981 (originally as “Emergency Broadcast System”) and disbanded in 1989. They reformed in 1997 and toured without a new album. The band originated in Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta, but they were often billed as being “from Athens, Georgia” in the early 1980s.

The group’s music was characterized by clear, bright guitar sounds, upbeat rhythms, and Murray Attaway’s clear, high tenor. Lyrically, the band mixed absurd, punk humor (“I Wish I Killed John Wayne,” “I See Moe,” “Watusi Rodeo,” “Cattle Prod”) with melancholy and spiritual themes (“Lewa Wechi,” “Always Saturday,” “3:00 AM,” “Litany”).

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Lou Reed,


Lou Reed (born on March 2, 1942) is an American rock musician, songwriter, and photographer. He is best known as guitarist, vocalist, and principal songwriter of The Velvet Underground, and for his successful solo career, which spans several decades and crosses multiple genres. The Velvet Underground gained little mainstream attention during their career, but became one of the most influential bands of their era.

As the Velvet Underground’s main songwriter, Reed wrote about subjects of personal experience that rarely had been examined so openly in rock and roll, including a variety of sexual topics and drug culture.

After his departure from the group, Reed began a solo career in 1971. He had a hit the following year with “Walk on the Wild Side”, although for more than a decade he evaded the mainstream commercial success its chart status offered him.

Reed’s work as a solo artist has frustrated critics wishing for a return of The Velvet Underground. The most notable example is 1975’s infamous double LP of recorded feedback loops, Metal Machine Music, upon which Reed later commented: “No one is supposed to be able to do a thing like that and survive.” He is also responsible for the name and popularization of ostrich tuning.

By the late 1980s, however, he had garnered recognition by the music community as an elder statesman of rock.

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Adam Ant,
Freind or Foe


Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard on 3 November 1954 in Marylebone, London) is an English musician who gained popularity as the lead singer of New Wave / Post-Punk group Adam and the Ants and later as a solo artist, scoring ten UK top ten hits between 1980 and 1983, including three No.1s.

Ant was also a star in America where he not only scored a string of hit singles and albums, but was once voted sexiest man in America by the viewers of MTV. He is also an actor, having appeared in over two dozen films or television episodes between 1985 and 2003

His greatest American chart success was 1982’s Friend or Foe album, which included the hit single “Goody Two Shoes" which made it to #1 in the UK and Australia, and #12 in the U.S.

He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was 21, and has spoken candidly about his experiences with the effects of the illness. In an interview for The Sun, Adam Ant also discussed the side-effects of medication for his bipolar condition: “In the past I’ve been a robot. It’s been an out-of-body experience. Bipolar means up and down and that’s me… Music has always been the best medication.”

Maybe some “guitar types” can gimme a hand with this one. I was given a Harmony guitar. As you see it needs work. Problem is I don’t know what year it is and I don’t know the model. It’s orange glitter sparkle with blue glitter swirls going through it. It has a mirror pick guard that I think maybe original. It’s not worth much (if anything) but it sure is unique looking. I’ve been through several guitar websites looking for a guitar like it, but can’t find anything.

Whatcha got?