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After leaving The New York Dolls, Thunders formed The Heartbreakers with Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan, and Television bassist Richard Hell. Ex-Demons guitarist Walter Lure was soon added.

With Thunders leading the band, the Heartbreakers toured America and Britain, releasing one official album, L.A.M.F., in 1977. The group relocated to the UK, where their popularity was significantly greater than it was in the U.S., particularly among punk bands.

During the early 1980s, Thunders re-formed The Heartbreakers for various tours; the group recorded their final album in 1984.

In 1985, he released Que Sera Sera, a collection of new songs that showed he could still perform convincingly. Three years later he recorded Copy Cats, an album of rock and R&B covers with vocalist Patti Palladin.

From August 1988, until his death in April 1991, Thunders performed with a band known as the Oddballs: Jamie Heath, saxophone; Alison Gordy, vocals; Chris Musto, drums; Stevie Klasson, guitar; and Jill Wisoff, bass, who left after a year.

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